Feature Foercast: Corpus Christi, Texas, Feature Forecaster: Matt Terhune

This week, Matt Terhune of KRIS-TV in Corpus Christi, Texas, has graciously agreed to join us for a Feature Forecast this Friday morning. First, let’s see let Mr. Terhune introduce himself.

I’m a Texan. Raised in Klein, TX, northwest Houston suburb. After Klein HS I went to Texas A&M in College Station as a Chemical Engineer student, but I decided I liked weather better and changed to meteorology. I graduated May 1999. I interned at KBTX in Bryan to learn the tv weather world and took class from an Aggie meteorologist that was on a station in Dallas too.
My first tv meteorologist job was in February before in graduated at KXXV-25 in Waco. I then lived in Waco less than 2 years.
March 2001 I moved to KRIS-6 in Corpus Christi. In general, bigger city, better pay :-). They’ve moved me around from morning/noon shift to weekends, to morning/noon, back to weekends.
You can find me on the kristv.com website.

So that’s the scoop on KRIS-TV’s Matt Terhune. What’s the forecast for Corpus Christi this weekend?

I just see some isolated showers Saturday and scattered showers in Sunday. So little better chance on Sunday.
Saturday, low 74 with a high of 88
Sunday, low of 72 with a high of 87

A special thanks to Matt Terhune for joining us this morning. Check him out on KRIS-TV weekends in Corpus Christi!