Corvallis, Oregon to Portland, Maine

This should have been up last night, but real-life intervened. And by that I mean Fall Season Premiere Week (seriously, go watch The Blacklist after you finish reading this post!!!) This road trip will actually cover an entire week, as we’ll need 7 days to cover the 3,270 miles between these two cities. Will we make it to Portland in time for the premiere of Amazing Race? This trip will seem like it’s own race!



A trough is swinging through the Pacific Northwest, bringing plentiful rains to the Cascades and even our first winter storm to portions of Montana and northwest Wyoming. Luckily, it’ll just be scattered showers along our trip past Salem and heading east out of Portland. It will be a showery, gloomy day as we head east on I-84 for the entire day, but the showers won’t give us any breaks as we head southeastward over eastern OR and into western ID. We finish our soggy day in Boise.


Our storm system kinda stalls out over the Northern Rockies down to the Great Basin, but we’ll still be encountering rain showers at the start of our day as we continue eastward out of Boise. The heaviest activity will be found over northwest WY, which is luckily north of our route, so we’ll be subject to more scattered showers just like the first day. We end our day in Rock Springs, WY to regroup for day 3.


The storm system will start lifting out of the Dakotas and into southern Canada during the day today, taking with it most of the precip associated with the system. While a boundary will continue to linger down into the Four Corners region, precip will be found mostly back over the Rockies and leave the Plains windy, but mainly dry. We might see a couple lingering rain showers as we head eastward through WY on I-80 during the day and continue into Nebraska with dry weather for the afternoon and evening. One thing to keep an eye on, however, is flooding along the South Platte, which is a product of the epic CO flooding the other week. We finish the day in Lexington, NE.


Well, during the night the frontal system caught up to us. It’ll be an overcast start to the day with a few possible showers as the front is draped from the Central Dakotas down to the TX Panhandle. We’ll once again encounter a few showers as we continue our eastward jaunt on I-80, but should taper off as we pass by Omaha. The remainder of the day should be dry as we finish up in Davenport.


Finally, a quiet day! A large area of high pressure had taken hold over the Northeast and Eastern Great Lakes, flexing its muscles over pretty much everywhere east of the Mississippi River. Luckily, 99% of our trip today is east of said river, so clouds will decrease through the day and we’ll get plenty of sun as we cruise on south of Chicago and through northern Indiana before settling in Cleveland for the end of the day.


Another day, more high pressure! Not much to really say for today, other than enjoy the scenery as we push eastward through NY and finish the day in Albany. Almost there!


A tiny sliver of high pressure remains over New England, sandwiched between the remains of the oncoming front and an area of low pressure developing off the coast. Thankfully, today’s leg is a pretty short one, and we cruise into Portland safe and sound!

Portland Aerial