Greenville, North Carolina to South Bend, Indiana

We’re back on the road, friends! This is another two day trek, covering 894 miles. Because of a swifter than normal 63.4mph speed, we will cover 506 miles on day one. We will enjoy, therefore, a shorter drive on Monday, so that’s nice.

We have a fairly healthy cold front moving through the eastern seaboard this weekend. It’s probably ruined most weekend plans out east. Fortunately, the boundary will mostly be through North Carolina as we head out for the day on Sunday. There will be a chance for some scattered showers as far west as Greensboro, but we should come into clearer skies as we hit the Appalachians. We can enjoy the scenery, as sunny skies will take hold the entire length of West Virginia, and cool, pleasant conditions can be expected as we arrive in Macksburg, in the far southeastern corner of Ohio.

High pressure will be back in command over the Great Lakes as we head out on Monday. The relatively short drive will be sunny and pleasant, from Macksburg all the way to South Bend.
South Bend