Grand Rapids, Michigan to Greenville, North Carolina

Here we go again! Another day, another road trip, however this will be a little bit longer than our day trips the past couple of times. This drive will take 2 days, covering 889 miles at a pace of about 60.2mph. The first day will take the full 8 hours and be over after 481 miles of driving. Let’s hit the road once again!

Grand Rapids
A cold front is morning through Michigan today, but by the time we head out tomorrow morning, things will be much clearer. Given that there will be a fairly vigorous flow off of Lake Michigan, most of the UP will see some clouds that will begin to break apart shortly after noon. Western Ohio shouldn’t provide us with many challenges, but around the time we reach Columbus, we will intersect with the back edge of the cold front. The heavy convection will remain east of us on Saturday, but we can still expect rain between the capitals of Ohio and West Virginia. Charleston is the destination for the day.

The front will keep moving east while we sleep and remain stationary. In fact, it is likely that the front will be nearly offshore by the time we even start our day on Sunday. The drive through West Virginia and Original Virginia will sunny and pleasant, and so too will it be in North Carolina. We will arrive in Greenville to enjoy a mostly sunny sky and comfortable temperatures.