Blacksburg, Virginia to Grand Rapids, Michigan

Road tripping once again. This time, we are backing up and headed to Grand Rapids on a one day trek covering 624 miles. We will be able to do this at a pace of 59.7mph, which isn’t all that quick. Fortunately, they drive fast in Michigan and we should be able to make up time. Let’s make our way to beautiful western Michigan, shall we

The early part of our dry will be fairly cloud with chances for light rain, from Blacksburg through West Virginia and southern Ohio. Temperatures will still feel nice with some high dew points leading to a warm sensation even if it is dready and cloudy out. This is what happened the past couple of days in Minnesota and it was strange. A cold front will take advantage of the juicy dew points and touch off some heavy thunderstorms in southern Michigan and northwestern Ohio. We will intersect the front right as it is at its strongest, somewhere between Findlay, Ohio and Ann Arbor, Michigan. There will be a few showers northwest of Ann Arbor, but by Lansing, and then west to Grand Rapids, we should see some clearer, cooler conditions.
Grand Rapids