Kankakee, Illinois to Blacksburg, Virginia

Day two of our zig-zagging road trip streak, and this trip will only take one day, albeit a lengthy day. It will take 10 hours to cover 599.6 miles, and travel through some fairly large metropolises and over the Appalachians will slow us down to only 58.8mph. So let’s go, daylight’s wasting.

Model guidance is not really agreeing on what to do with a developing wave over the upper Midwest, and how much it will impact northern Illinois tomorrow morning. If you believe the GFS, which tends to be over aggressive with precipitation some times, then Kankakee will be inundated upon our departure. IF you believe the NAM, which is significantly less aggressive more often than not, will see dry skies as we leave. What both models agree on, however, is a stream of light showers extending from Indianapolis to Charleston, West Virginia, basically buffeting our entire route. The last little bit of the drive from Charleston to Blacksburg should be a bit more favorable, but we will still be moving through a steeper terrain with chances of drizzle, so the issue heading into Blacksburg will be one of traction, rather than visibility, as it will be early in the trip. Get your umbrella. Virginia Tech is playing at home against Marshall on Saturday!