Macon, Georgia to Albany, New York

Here we go, off on a two day road trip. The second day of travel will be about an hour longer as we attempt to cover 1055 miles at 61.25mph, which means our first travel day will be through after 490 milles. Let’s head to the capital of New York.

We are in luck, road trippers! Much of the southeastern US is under high pressure. There is a little tail of a cold front that will actually tail back to the north from southern Georgia and pull into South Carolina. It won’t necessarily be like a warm front, but think of it as a flopping tail of a front being pulled out to sea. This won’t have much energy, but it will possibly lead to some clouds and maybe some drizzle around Columbia. Heading north into North Carolina and Virginia, it will be clear and cool as we call it a day in Fincastle, Virginia, north of Roanoke.

A cold front will move through the eastern Great Lakes and Appalachia as we sleep on Sunday, and when we awake on Monday morning, there is a chance we leave to rain showers in Fincastle. The rain will continue at least through Washington before we encounter a bit of clearing. It will probably be cloudy and may be a tick drizzly through Pennsylvania, and the chance for rain will increase again upon our arrival in southern New York. Don’t expect heavy rain, but some light showers are definitely possible in Albany.