Napa, California to Wheeling, West Virginia

We are on our way to a lengthy road trip once again. It will take us 4 1/2 days to cover the 2533 miles between the two cities. With this goal, our speed will be in the neighborhood of 66.7mph, and thus, we will be able to cover 533.9 miles a day, leaving a little bit of change on that 5th day. Let’s head east and see where the road takes us!

We will head east out of Wine Country without a cloud in the sky. We should be able to sneak through California and through Donner Pass and most of western Nevada without any issues. The monsoon is still in effect for the central Rockies, but it has recently been affecting the Utah-Nevada border. We may just be coming into some thunderstorm activity as we arrive at Wells, Nevada, the destination for Saturday night, and some of those storms could be heavy, and will almost certainly provide us with quite the light show.

Naturally, as we head east out of Wells, the threat for storms will also head east. There may be a few remnant thunderstorms east into Salt Lake City, but the day’s heavier monsoonal storms will be in the higher peaks of Colorado, and may spill into Wyoming. Fortunately, we will get to see these storms as we pass through southern Wyoming! There will be a threat for thunderstorms every step of our drive thanks to these shifting storms, with the best chance for thunderstorms right as we pass into Wyoming from Utah. The day ends in Arlington, Wyoming, which we will reach before Laramie.

As we head east, we will be witness to a changing of the weather guard. Those shifting showers and storms will emerge from the mountains, and that energy will be absorbed into a lee trough and surface low that will begin to shuttle off to the northeast. We will still experience some showers and storms through the remainder of our drive in Wyoming, as well as in the Nebraska Panhandle, especially through Kimball, but then we will be ahead of a developing cold front. This means warm, humid weather through Nebraska, right up until we arrive in Lincoln, the destination for Monday’s drive.

Mapquest suggests we take an unusual route through northern Missouri. No complaints here, as there won’t be much weather ahead of the cold front in the Dakotas and Nebraska. We will leave Lincoln long before the boundary arrives, and end up in the Land of Lincoln by the time we end our day. We will make it to Seymour, Illinois, just west of Champaign.

By the time we are ready to leave Seymour, the cold front will be arriving in central Illinois, and more importantly, the ridge will be shifting southeast into the Carolinas. This will open up the Ohio Valley for Gulf moisture, and now, with the ability to tap into some energy, the cold front will start touching off showers and storms. As soon as we hit Indianapolis, and then from that point eastward, we will be threatened by showers and thunderstorms, including upon our arrival in Wheeling.