Lubbock, Texas to Binghamton, New York

It’s road tripping day here at Victoria-Weather, and we will be headed on a 3 1/2 day trek from west Texas to New York. The cities at either end of our route are 1760 miles apart, and we will cover the ground at a pace of 63mph, and our three full days will be through after 506 miles or so. Let’s boogie.

High pressure is parked over the center of the country right now, and hot, humid air is wrapping up through the western Plains. We won’t have to deal with that moisture turning into anything with our eastbound drive on Tuesday, and we will stop for the night in Vinita, Oklahoma. Find a hotel with some AC, because otherwise the humidity will be pretty close to unbearable for sleeping.

It will be more of the same as we head through Missouri on Wednesday. Hot and dry weather will accompany our drive through Illinois as well, but a system moving through southern New England will trail a weak boundary through the Ohio Valley. We won’t make it all the way into the precipitation, because we are going to stop in Terre Haute, but the clouds and rain will be bubbling up over central Indiana on Wednesday evening. We can watch the radar on the local news to find out all about it.

The main brunt of the system will have cleared out of the Ohio Valley well before we take off on Thursday. Still, don’t be surprised if the skies are a bit cloudier than what we have experienced on the first two days. There may be a splash of rain showers over western Pennsylvania, but we will likely avoid them with a more northerly route, which will take us around the higher elevation and to Wherman in far western New York.

We should be in pretty great shape as we pass through southern New York on Friday. There will be a dry slot behind the still lingering front, and we will enjoy some clear, cooler air as we pass through the Empire State to our intended destination of Binghamton.