Feature Forecast: Wheeling, West Virginia, Feature Forecaster: Brian Davis

We are happy to have WTRF meteorologist Brian Davis joining us here at Victoria-Weather today. Let’s find out more about Brian and see what the forecast is for Wheeling!

Greetings everyone, Let me introduce myself: I am Brian Davis, meteorologist at WTRF-TV in the Wheeling WV market. Before coming to a more quiet weather region, I worked in Joplin Missouri where and was there during the EF-5 monster tornado. It was a sad time there, but I learned more about these devastating tornadoes. After my years of radio broadcasting I worked hard to gain the NWA and AMS seals of approval in radio weather broadcasting. My school ventures include the University of Tennessee At Martin where I received a bachelors degree focused in geology, operational meteorology, and natural disaters. I also graduated with advanced standing from Mississippi State University’s broadcast meteorology program. I still continue this weather love affair by taking advanced graduate courses in operational meteorology at MSU. My family accuses me of being a life long addicted student in meteorology. Becoming a broadcast meteorologist was tough as nails, but it was a dream come true.

Enough about this guy! Let’s talk weekend weather!

The Dog Days of Summer have brought well below normal temperatures over the Ohio Valley over the last few days. This has been enough to change some of our trees into a fall looking scene. Meanwhile, big storms have rolled over the great plains while the southeast has seen it’s share of flooding rains. Other parts of the lower 48 seem to be fairly quiet in the world of weather.

High pressure and a series of Canadian cold fronts have controlled Ohio Valley weather for several days now, but a warmup is on the way for our weekend. Warmer weather will return as a large high allows for plenty of sunshine and moderating temperatures. A couple of pleasant and mostly sunny days can be expected as our regional temperatures will return to the normal 80s for highs and 60s for lows. Here is a look at what can be expected in the Pittsburgh PA and nearby Wheeling WV general areas. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Courtesy of Brian Davis and WTRF-TV.

** Feel free to catch Brian’s morning forecasts on WTRF.COM. If passing through the Pittsburgh PA/ Wheeling Area, you can catch his forecasts on WKKX AM 1600, Biggie 100.5 FM, and Cool 105 FM. Brian has a blog site at www.accurateweatherman.blogspot.com and is on Facebook under WTRF Meteorologist Brian Davis@Facebook.com.


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