Lincoln, Nebraska to Erie, Pennsylvania

We’re taking a slice out of the Midwest this week, from eastern Nebraska to western Pennsylvania. It’s a 2 day drive covering 953 miles. Our first day will be over after about 504 miles, which will be just over half way. Shall we proceed?

A front ushering in some cooler, more pleasant air to the Upper Midwest will lie just south of our route on Wednesday. It will be hard to complain about anything, as temperatures will be tolerable and the sun will shine. Roll down the windows and enjoy the fresh dairy air of Iowa. Ok, there might be one thing to complain about, depending on what we are downwind of. The first day’s trip will end in New Lenox, Illinois, on the south end of Chicago.

High pressure will keep pressing south into the Great Lakes as we sleep and subsequently head east. The back edge of the rainy weather will remain off to our east. We may see some clouds looming on the horizon, but the sun will shine through most of the day along our drive. Enjoy a sunny, warm and pleasant Erie!