Santa Barbara, California

Today we saunter off to the sunny, beachside city of Santa Barbara. Will their proximity to the ocean keep their temperatures down, or will it be a hot start to the week? Let’s find out!

At 707PM PDT, the temperature at Santa Barbara, CA was 72 degrees under fair skies. Loyal readers can probably remember previous posts talking about the intense heat that hit the Southwest over the last week before finally subsiding a tad over the last couple of days. Well the dome of high pressure is still intact over the region, just to a lesser degree and shifted somewhat further to the east. This ridge is expected to shift back towards the west a bit over the next couple of days, but thankfully temperatures should remain shy of their record-setting levels. What this means, however, is that the weather in Southern California should be sunny and dry. Thankfully, for Santa Barbara anyways, the Pacific should keep them fairly pleasant compared to the rest of the region. Enjoy the week!

Monday: Marine layer burns off by mid-morning, then sunny. High 75, Low 59.
Tuesday: Sunny and pleasant. High 77, Low 58.

TWC: Monday: Partly cloudy. High 79, Low 61.
Tuesday: Partly cloudy. High 83, Low 63.

AW: Monday: Areas of low clouds, then sun. High 68, Low 58.
Tuesday: Few morning clouds, then sunny. High 76, Low 57.

NWS: Monday: Patchy AM fog, then sunny. High 75, Low 61.
Tuesday: Sunny. High 77, Low 60.

WB: Monday: Sunny except for some patchy morning clouds/fog. High 75, Low 61.
Tuesday: Sunny. High 77, Low 60.

Here we see a rather uneventful setup for SoCal, with monsoon activity remaining over the Four Corners region.

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