Roanoke, Virginia to Muncie, Indiana

We are off on a one day summer time road trip. It’s 461 miles between the two cities, and much of the route takes us over and through the central Appalachians. It will be scenic, but it will also be slow, with a pace of 56.8mph. We won’t be on an interstate for very long though, so I suppose this makes sense. Let’s navigate Appalachia!

The Appalachians are getting squeezed by a broad low emanating from the Canadian Prairies and a stagnant low off the coast of South Carolina. As we leave tomorrow morning, the weak area of low pressure will seep north into the Carolinas from the Atlantic, and there is a decent chance that we will see some showers in Roanoke north through Charleston, West Virginia. As we descend out of Charelston towards Dayton, Ohio and eventually northwest to Muncie, there will be no shortage of sunny skies, but at the same time, the instability provided by the low in Canada and the hot humid air north of the Ohio River will mean there is a slight chance for some thunderstorms all the way from Dayton to Muncie. Hopefully our arrival in Muncie will remain dry, but even if it isn’t, we can wait it out in the car for a moment, and we’ll be fine. Besides, the AC will be on in the car.