Monroe, Michigan to Panama City, Florida

It’s almost exactly a two day trip between Monroe, Michigan and Panama City, Florida, if you ever decide to make the trip between the two cities. That’s some relatively easy planning, isn’t it? Our midweek jaunt covers 965 miles, which means our daily log will be about 483 miles, and our speed will be around 60mph. Let’s see how it will play out.

It will be hard to top our Tuesday. Sunny skies are expected from Monroe south through Ohio, Kentucky and into Tennessee. Temperatures are going to be pleasant, reaching only the 70s and maybe hitting 80. Good for driving with the windows own and enjoying the scenery. The day will end in Millersville, Tennessee, which is north of Nashville.

A tropical disturbance becoming organized over the southeastern Gulf will generate some easterly flow. The fetch will be strong enough, in fact, to produce some rain as far west as Alabama. It won’t be widespread stratiform rain or anything like that, but after Birmingham, we should see chances for rain the rest of the way to Panama city. The heaviest rain will be from Mongtomery to Dothan, and it may even begin to taper off after we pass into Florida.
Panama City