Billings, Montana to Cleveland, Ohio

Today we go on a 1,584 mile trip through the Northern US. Let’s see what Mother Nature has in store for us!



A large upper-level ridge is found over the Western US, leading to some scorching temperatures throughout the Rockies. Billings could hit 90 degrees! We’ll be well out of town before the temperature spikes that high, however, enjoying dry weather as we drive eastward on I-94 past Miles City and into Western North Dakota. The ridge axis will shift east with us, keeping our day relatively boring (but warm!) as we eventually pull into Jamestown for the night.


An area of low pressure and accompanying cold front caught up with us overnight, bringing some showers to eastern ND. Throughout the day, however, most of the shower activity will dissipate along our route on I-94 through St. Cloud and the Twin Cities as we continue into Wisconsin. We’ll pass back through the front into the warm sector of this system before we finish our day in the Wisconsin Dells, so it will be a toasty end to the day.


That fickle cold front passed us by as we slept last night, but isn’t ushering in a vat of arctic air with it (thankfully). Let’s call it a cool front. It won’t make much headway as it pushes into the Great Lakes, so we can expect a decent amount of clouds throughout the day as we head past Madison and Milwaukee, and past Chicago in early afternoon. There could be a few showers lingering in northern Indiana, but some bigger showers and storms could be waiting for us in northern Ohio as we finish our trip. They could be just off to the south as we pull in during the evening, but they will keep us on our toes as we pull into Cleveland.