Yakima, Washington to Kingston, New York

Seriously, who wants to drive 2,814 miles between central Washington and eastern New York? A plane ride seems far more efficient to me. But i guess people like to see the sights, so away we go, for a trip that will span 11 states.



Heading out of Yakima, we’ll be cruising through the lovely Northern Rockies during our leg that will end in Butte, MT. Scattered snow showers, especially over the mountains, will be lingering around during the morning hours as an intensifying low pressure system over the Daktoas trails a trough through MT up into Alberta. These snow showers should be fairly light but persistent, and not very intense either besides our portion on I-90 between Spokane and Missoula, which could see some moderate snow bursts at times. Could be a long day if the roads are messy in the mountains, but should get into Butte without too many issues


The aforementioned low pressure system continues to push eastward, so while we’re escaping the worst of the system, we’re still stuck in scattered snow showers on the backside of the system. They won’t accumulate to much, but will be a nuisance when they do occur. Overall though, shouldn’t be too bad of a day as we end the second day in Dickinson, ND.


Over this day and next, I’ve driven this part of I-94 many times! High pressure is starting to build down into the Northern Plains and the Upper Midwest behind the low pressure system we’ve been chasing. No mountains to deal with today, 3/4 of the leg is pretty much as flat as can be. After we pass Alexandria, we’ll finally get some more hills in the terrain to enjoy. A weak trough is going to linger along the ND/MN/Canada border, so a few scattered snow showers (I know, mid-April and we’re still talking about snow!) could make us turn on the wipers, but otherwise should be an uneventful day as we pull into our home city here at VW of Minneapolis to end the day. Swing on by and we’ll have a late-night drink with you!


Today we’ll drive from Minneapolis to South Bend, IN, around 500 miles. A large storm system is starting to develop over the Southern Plains, with a boundary continuing to linger through the Ohio Valley as well. It will be a cloudy day, so put away those sunglasses! As we continue along I-94/90 throughout the day, we’ll be sneaking ahead of most of the precip that’s revving up from this developing storm. We will probably see some light rain showers once we pass Milwaukee and eventually past Chicago, but nothing that will cause undue stress. Unless you make it to Chicago right at rush hour, but really that’s your own fault if you hit that traffic nightmare.


Today… won’t be a pretty day. That storm system intensifies and shifts up through the MS River Valley, bringing widespread rain throughout the entire Great Lakes region. Stronger thunderstorms are also possible from this system, but will most likely stay south of where we’ll be traveling. It’s going to be a soggy day, as rain is expected for the entire day as we make our way through Ohio and into Central PA, staying at Bellefonte, PA for the night.


Finally, our last day! Sadly, it’s not going to be much better than yesterday. Low clouds, fog, and some scattered showers are expected throughout the day ahead the front mentioned yesterday. Thankfully, we’ll make it to Kingston around midday, before the main part of the front swings through and gives us a good soaking rain, and perhaps even a clap of thunder to end the trip.