Omaha, Nebraksa to Billings, Montana

This is an awfully boring trip. Omaha and Billings are fun towns (I can honestly only speak for Omaha) but Billings is a little off the beaten path. It will take a day and a half to cover the ground between the two cities, of which there is 854 miles worth. Given that the largest cities between our terminuses are Sioux Falls and Rapid City, we will move fairly quickly, at a pace of 68.8mph. That means the first day will be done after a whopping 550 miles of driving. Let’s tear up some prairie!

So, about zipping through the prairies. Yeah…. A low moving out of the Rockies is raising a lot of questions, namely “what the heck is going on?” Depending on what model you want to believe, the system could bring a myriad of different outcomes for the Upper Midwest in terms of snow accumulation, persistence, and direction, but within the past couple of hours, there has been a bit of convergence. The news is not good for eastern South Dakota. Don’t be surprised if for a not insignificant part of South Dakota, likely from when we get onto I-90, lasting through about Vivan, we encounter some freezing drizzle. The precipitation will really intensify later on tomorrow night, but out drive might be fairly tricky. Rain is possible, but with above freezing temperatures from Vivian to Wall, after which point I think we will be be dry. That will take us to Sturgis, where we will call it a night. Keep your eyes peeled for some dudes on motorcycles!

There will be a fresh dusting of snow as we wake up in Sturgis, but there will likely be a blessed few moments of easy driving as we head out. By the time we reach the Montana border, however, things are going to get a bit dicey. Expect snow and gusty winds to be a problem as we make our way on 212 towards Billings. A fairly robust round of snow will be making it’s way into Billings at about the same time we do, assuming we can continue moving at a fast pace. This short drive has the looks of one that will be fairly interminable thanks to rolling terrain and snowy, blustery conditions. The scenery may not be much to look at, so at least the weather is going to be wild.