Janesville, Wisconsin to Yakima, Washington

After yesterday’s brief trip through the Upper Midwest, we are saddling up for a more robust excursion. It’s 3 1/2 days from southern Wisconsin to southern Washington, in which we will hope to cover 1867 miles at a pace of 67.7mph. The first three days will be through after we have driven 541 miles. Who wants to see some of Montana?

It’s going to be chilly as we depart Janesville, but the good news is that it will be dry. Most of the interstate we will take through about eastern Minnesota won’t have snow to clear, and in western Minnesota and the chunk of South Dakota we pass through, clean up will likely be over after the weekend storm. Winds will be calm, so no blowing snow to worry about either. We will make it to Mount Vernon, South Dakota, just past Mitchell.

A little bit of a clipper will be moving from the Canadian Prairies towards northern Minnesota. When we encounter a system like this, the Dakotas tend to warm up markedly. We will indeed see that in South Dakota on Wednesday. Ther precipitation will stay in North Dakota and Minnesota, however, so we can instead concentrate on what surely will be heavy traffic in Rapid City. The day will end before we reach Billings, in Hardin, Montana.

It won’t be long after we pass through Billings that we encounter some inclement weather. Moisture backing into the Rockies will lead to some up slope clouds and snow showers for a good deal of western Montana. The snow will be heaviest at the various peaks and along the eastern slopes of the various mountains in the area. When we drive through valleys and are descending to the west, the snow won’t be quite as widespread. We will end the day in the 4th of July Recreation Area in the Idaho Panhandle. How is that for a misnomer?

The little disturbance that moved through the Northern Rockies as we drove through them, and subsequently settled in for a night of camping in the woods, will taper off by the time we leave on Friday morning. There might be a little bit of fog around Spokane, but I sincerely doubt it. It looks like a dry arrival in Yakima, so take in the view!