Springfield, Missouri to Cleveland, Tennessee

Bet you thought it was from Illinois to Ohio, didn’t you? Today’s trip is relatively short, from southwest Missouri to southeast Tennessee. It will be a long day, but we should be able to make it in one day. Better head on out!


It’s going to be overcast as we start eastward from Springfield, with some showers not too far off to the west when we get underway. It’ll remain cloudy throughout the morning as we head towards Kentucky, and spend all of 2 minutes in extreme southern Illinois! We continue past Paducah and eventually head southeastward on I-24. Cloudy skies continue to rule the conditions, and while there might be a stray shower as the area of low pressure moves from Missouri into Illinois, we should remain far enough ahead of it to stay dry. On the other side, there’s a mid-level disturbance making its way along the Gulf Coast, and luckily should remain far enough ahead of us that we won’t catch up to the rain it’s dropping in the Deep South. We’re gonna be splitting the proverbial uprights all day! Eventually we’ll travel past Nashville to Chattanooga, and pull into Cleveland for the night