York, Pennsylvania to Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Our day and a half trip from Pennsylvania to Alabama will follow the course of the Appalachians until the high country ends in northeastern Alabama. This is a 876 mile trek, and our ground speed is going to be 63.9mph, so on that first day, we will cover 511 miles. Hopefully the rain can end for us, because driving through the rain in the mountains is no fun.

There may be a little bit of snow falling in York as we try to get out of town tomorrow, with temperatures dropping precipitously behind the very strong cold front moving through the eastern US. A formidable westerly flow behind this system will bring about some snow showers on the western exposures of the Appalachians in West Virginia, but we will instead spend most of our day in western Virginia. The difference is subtle, but very real. Our threat for snow will end around the time we cross into Maryland, so we shouldn’t have many problems as we head south to Morristown, Tennessee, where we will pack it in for the night.

Overnight, a finishing blow with this deep trough will wrap south from the Ohio Valley, and the Smokeys, as well as I-40 just off to the west of the mountains will see a quick coating of snow before we leave for the day. After we pass through Chattanooga and continue on our trek to the southwest, we should be AOK, with no precipitation issues. It will be a bit cooler than you might expect for a trip to Alabama, but if we stick around, it will eventually warm up!