Lansing, Michigan to Saint Cloud, Minnesota

I’m surprised to say that our trip today will take us a day and a half, by exacting Road Trip Standards. It’s 695 miles and takes us right through Chicago, which is a problem. Our speed will be 61mph, so that first and only full day will be over after 488 arduous miles. A storm’s a brewin’ so let’s get out on the road.

It’s going to be rainy from the outset, unfortunately. Heavy rain is a real possibility as we head south from Lansing towards Indiana. By the time we reach Kalamazoo, the precipitation will be a little bit lighter, but the threat will persist. A strong line of thunderstorms is going to be developing over the Mississippi Valley, and as we pass through Chicago, the activity will be between I-39 and the Iowa border. We should sneak into Wisconsin contending only with rain and dreary skies, but around Rockford there might be a distant rumble of thunder. The rain day will come to an end past Janesville… because will see snow start to mix in with the rain. There may be some ice between the Illinois border and Janesville, so be aware of that. The driving will end in Black River Falls, Wisconsin, after a couple of snowy hours.
There may be another round of snow in Black River Falls, some of it which could be fairly intense. The snow will continue through Eau Claire and begin to taper off shortly after we turn west through Menomonie. There will be a little bit of a break through the Twin Cities, but then we will encounter a vigorous north wind as we head towards St. Cloud. Some of this wind may carry with it a few more flurries. This drive is going to be a real bear, so you had better enjoy Saint Cloud.
Saint Cloud