Corvallis, Oregon

Away we go to the West Coast today, visiting the beautiful city of Corvallis, Oregon! Pretty sure last time we visited here I did this forecast as well. Perhaps it’s because it’s such a running hotbed that I get the privilege to forecast for them!

At 6:53pm PDT, the temperature at Corvallis, OR is 39 degrees under cloudy skies and showers in the vicinity. A frontal system is pushing into the Pacific Northwest, bringing widespread rains and higher elevation snows throughout WA and western OR. Temperatures are expected to perk up a few degrees actually as the system moves in, pushing it above 40 after midnight. Temperatures remain fairly steady throughout the day Friday and into Saturday, as another system pushes into western Oregon. This second system will bring even more rain to the region, as well as lower temperatures behind it for Saturday night. Overall, around an inch of rain is possible by the time Saturday is done, leading itself to a very wet and gloomy weekend. Sorry Corvallis.

Friday: Periods of rain expected throughout the day. High 47, Low 42.
Saturday: More rain expected. High 48, Low 38.

TWC: Friday: Chances of rain throughout the day. High 48, Low 43.
Saturday: Rain showers persists. High 45, Low 39.

AW: Friday: Mostly cloudy with showers. High 52, Low 43.
Saturday: Mostly cloudy, showers around. High 48, Low 37.

NWS: Friday: All day rain. High 50, Low 41.
Saturday: Rain continues. High 49, Low 39.

WB: Friday: Chances of rain all day. High 48, Low 39.
Saturday: Rain remains through the day. High 46, Low 39.

Why do I always seem to get the non-standard days? Makes it super-tough to forecast those low temperatures! Here we see the system sitting just offshore and pushing its way into the western US.


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