Lewiston, Maine to Kankakee, Illinois

We are heading into the teeth of the tiger for this trip. We’re headed from Maine to Illinois, right through the big system presently afflicting the western Great Lakes. The trip is 1141 miles and 18 hours, which means a short day of about 490 miles, and a nearly 11 hour day covering 651 miles. The pace, if you haven’t done the math, will be about 61mph. Let’s head out!

Well, things are going to be a little dicey tomorrow. Almost from the beginning of the drive, we will be inundated with rain. Well, all right, not inundated, at least not initially. It will be raining fairly steadily from Lewiston south through New Hampshire. THEN we will be inundated. The heavy precipitation will continue through the Berkshires, where it will begin to change to snow, thanks to a little bit of elevation. This snow will fall very quickly, and things will turn ugly pretty swiftly. Precipitation will turn back to rain around Albany, but only for a little while, but as we head west through New York, we will find the precipitation won’t be liquid very long. Fortunately, the precipitation will become much lighter after Albany, but the snow will still be falling, and the wind will pick up, which will make its own kind of trouble. Mercifully, this is the short day, and we will gratefully pull in for the night around Geneva, New York, which is east of Rochester.

A vigorous northerly flow will will continue behind the area of low pressure that will blast us on Friday, and will create some snow bands through western New York and Pennsylvania. It will still be snowing by the time we reach Cleveland, but it will abruptly stop in the east metro. Then that’s it. High pressure, easy driving and no problems through the rest of Ohio, all the way through Indiana and the little chunk of Illinois that we need to traverse. And then we’re in Kankakee. Which is its own set of problems.