Brownsville, Texas to Las Vegas, Nevada

This is probably the southernmost trek we have ever taken at Victoria-Weather, hugging the Mexican border for most of the trip. It’s a 3 day drive through some gorse and brush covering 1553 miles at a blistering speed of 67.8mph. The speed limit is mostly unnecessary when there is nobody around. That speed will help us cover 542 miles a day on Thursday and Friday. Weekend in Vegas!


The slog through south and west Texas will begin uneventfully. Nothing but the typical heat, increasingly dry, will accompany our drive through places like Corpus Christi and San Antonio. There aren’t many places to stop at the point in our journey in which we are supposed to stop, so plan on calling it a night at exit 307, between Sheffield and Bakersfield. There is a rest area nearby!

Believe it or not, but we could actually be in for some weather on this leg of the journey. The last 4 1/2 hours in Texas won’t give us some problems, but an enormous area of low pressure setting up in the Rockies is going to dominate the weather pattern for the Rockies late this week into the weekend, and it may be strong enough to generate a few showers west of Deming, New Mexico and west to Johnson, Arizona, the stop for the night. (Johnson is between Wilcox and Tucson). The shower activity will be very light, and may not even fall at all, given the dry air at the surface, but it is definitely something to think about.

The cold front, and it will be a legitimate cold front, will lie between Tucson and Phoenix as we begin to make our way northwestward. Showers and thunderstorms, a rarity in this part of the world, are going to be quite possible along our route, but should begin to wrap up after we pass through Phoenix. Chilly conditions… yes, chilly! will be our problem as we move northwest along the Joshua Tree Parkway towards Vegas. In fact, if you look at the mountains surrounding Las Vegas, don’t be surprised to see some freshly fallen snow! When we arrive in Sin City, the temperatures will only be in the 50s, with an overnight low perhaps dropping below 40!