Burlington, North Carolina to Gainesville, Florida

Say, what’s this? Only a 1 day trip? We can manage this, no problem! The busiest city we will pass through is Jacksonville, Florida, as we will bypass most of the major metropolitan areas of the Carolinas (we will start near Greensboro and pass through the west side of Savannah, but that isn’t much either.) It’s 536.9 miles between the two cities, and our 9ish hour drive will mean a pace of 59.9mph. Not very fast, but it’s not a very long trip, either.

A weak surface wave moving out of Georgia will be bringing showers and storms to the Burlington area as we depart. We will get into some clearer air not far south of Greensboro, but there will still be a few scattered showers throughout the remainder of North Carolina, and even through most of South Carolina. South of Charleston and through Georgia we will find some dry skies and some good driving. Some robust sea breeze storms will be possible between Jacksonville and Gainesville, however, so make sure to be on the look out for some rapidly changing weather conditions. Still, it’s warm, so no complaints. It will be winter soon.