Grand Rapids, Michigan to Panama City, Florida

Even though school is starting this week for most of the country, we are taking a Florida vacation. It will be two days from Grand Rapids to Panama City, covering 1049 miles. We will be moving at a pace of 61.9mph. This means our first day will be a little but shorter than our second, at 495 miles covered. Let’s hit the beach one last time before autumn really sets in.


There s a cold front heading for Grand Rapids ushering in a very abrupt seasonal change. Some thunderstorms are already popping up over Wisconsin and will move into the LP by midday tomorrow, which means nothing, except that we are getting out of town just in time. We should stay ahead of the weather through most of the day. By the time we reach Kentucky, we may be left to contend with a few showers left over from Isaac, but that isn’t set in stone. The most likely result will be some increased clouds around Mammoth Caves and Park City, Kentucky, our destination for Wednesday night.
Thursday will be, in a word, unsettled. We will experience the less than stable weather weather initially as we drive through Tennessee, where clouds and a few showers will mark our southbound journey. A weak area of low pressure south of our destination in Panama City is going to draw energy away from northern Alabama, so we will have a window without the threat for rain from Huntsville to Montgomery, but that weak little low is going to have something else in store for us for the last couple hours of our trip. Scattered thunderstorms, likely with heavy, tropical downpours, will be possible as we make our way through southeastern Alabama and eventually to Panama City. Too bad we are scheduled to skip town already tomorrow, because our arrival is going to be decidedly unfavorable for a trip to the beach.