Denver, Colorado to Bay City, Michigan

It’s 2 1/2 days between the foothills of the Rockies and the shore of Lake Huron. Our pace will be 66.3mph, which is pretty good, and will get us 530 miles the first two days, which is great. Thank goodness for freeways in the Plains. Lets head to the Great Lakes.


There is a slow moving boundary moving through the Upper Mid est, and frankly, it’s bringing a bit more rain to the area than I was expecting, certainly. This boundary is bringing some clear weather behind it, which will do a good job of stabilizing the Plains. We will spend the day driving through a sunny Nebraska, with some cooler temperatures than we may have been used to. There will be some clouds filtering back in as we approach Lincoln, with our Sunday destination about an hour or two beyond that in Chalco, on the outskirts of Omaha.
I drew the map last Friday, and admittedly, I just confused Bay City and Benton Harbor, at opposite corners of the Lower Peninsula. Our second day will end closer to Benton Harbor in the city of Gordon Beach, Michigan. Along the way, we will mostly be behind the front through Illinois. We may catch up to the drizzly, rainy stuff around Michigan City, Indiana. It will likely be cloudy as we cross the Michigan border and stop at Gordon Beach.
We won’t catch up to the front at the end of the day this time around! We will make it to Bay City with no problems, and enjoy some serous sunshine in beautiful Bay City (and all of Michigan in between)