Atlantic City, New Jersey

Apologies for the reeeally late post, but real life gets in the way sometimes! I could never forget America’s #2 Gambling mecca, Atlantic City! Will Mother Nature cause some weekend plans to crap out, or will they come up all 7’s? Time to pull the handle and see what happens!

At 1:54am, The temperature at Atlantic City, NJ was 75 degrees under mostly cloudy skies and scattered showers covering the area. A slow-moving cold front continues to slink its way off the Eastern Seaboard, with showers and thunderstorms lifting northeast along it this morning. chances for this activity is expected to linger throughout most of the day as the front makes its way out over the Atlantic. Precip should die out by late evening, as weak high pressure shifts over the area Sunday morning. It won’t do much to clear out the region with a good amt of clouds expected to linger over the area, but conditions are expected to be dry for the city to finish out the weekend. All the more reason to stay inside and give your favorite slot an extra pull or two!

Saturday: Scattered rain showers, a few thunderstorms during the day. High 78, Low 67.
Sunday: Mostly cloudy, but dry. High 83, Low 61.

TWC: Saturday: Scattered thunderstorms. High 74, Low 68.
Sunday: Partly cloudy. High 77, Low 64.

AW: Rain, then a shower. Saturday: High 82, Low 67.
Sunday: Intervals of Clouds and sun. High 83, Low 61.

NWS: Saturday: Showers and thunderstorms likely. High 79, Low 69.
Sunday: Partly sunny. High 80, Low 65.

WB: Saturday: Scattered thunderstorms expected. High 82, Low 69.
Sunday: Partly sunny. High 82, Low 65.

Here we see the showers covering a good chunk of the region off to the east. These will be sliding in during the morning, so hope you remembered your umbrella!

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