Dover, Delaware to Pittsfield, Massachusetts

I don’t know if you are like me, but it seems like getting from Delaware to Massachusetts should take more than 6 hours to travel between. But alas, the trip from Dover to Pittsfield is under 6 hours and covers only 328.5 miles. Our trek will be at a pace of only 55.8mph, so it’s not even like we will be going that fast. All right, strap the bikes to the roof, and let’s be on our way.

The day will start amiably enough, driving through Pennsylvania and New Jersey, however a front moving through Pennsylvania will pull easterly flow off the Atlantic, and some bubbly thunderstorms may begin to crop up over New Jersey. As we hit downstate New York, it’s not out of the question that we encounter the front running cells of the broken line moving out of the Appalachians. If it’s not raining in Pittsfield when we arrive, then, well, it will be soon.