Muncie, Indiana to Augusta, Georgia

A day and a half! That’s how long to get from Muncie to Augusta on the South Carolina border. We will get to see 666 miles of America, which will translate to an average speed of 58.7mph, thanks to only brief hours spent on interstates. The first day, therefore, will be done after 469 miles of driving. With the PGA Championship this weekend, we will instead go to the home of the Masters. Tally ho!


It’s probably going to remain cloudy in Muncie through our departure on Saturday morning, and it will seem as through rain is threatening as far south as Cincinnati. The sun will break out in eastern Kentucky, however, and we will be able to enjoy the rolling terrain as we head south towards Knoxville, Tennessee. We will stop about 10 miles outside of town in Norris for night number one.

The low that has developed in the Ohio Valley and will shove off to Canada will do something amazing. It will generate a front that will actually stabilize the southeast. Incredible! Atlanta and Birmingham will be comfortable. Charlotte will be dry. Just a stunning turn of events. This will lead to a very easy drive from eastern Tennessee, through western Carolinas and into Augusta.