Houston, Texas to Muncie, Indiana

We’re headed north! Word on the street is that the temperatures are much cooler in Muncie than Houston, so the trip makes sense, right? The distance between the two is 1085 miles, and will take us two days, with the second day taking a little bit longer. Average speed is expected to be about 61mph, and our trip will stop after day 1 494 miles from Houston.


The low developing in the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley is going to be our best friend (present company excluded). Typically turbulent weather through the south will be capped. In fact, it will be seasonably cool behind this developing front, and the poor gas mileage we get in rural Texas won’t be so bad, because it won’t be oppressive when we fill the tank. The day will end in Biscoe, Arkansas, which is about an hour east of Little Rock.

The dry slot we find ourselves in Friday will slice further north on Saturday. The good fortune we saw through Texas into Arkansas will continue as we head through Memphis, St. Louis, and Indianapolis on our way to Muncie. Temperatures will be in the mid 70s by the time we hit Muncie, which is down right enjoyable. Exactly what we were looking for when we left Houston.