Fort Wayne, Indiana to Bridgeport, Connecticut

Did you know that you can get to Connecticut from Indiana in a mere day and a half? Fort Wayne and Bridgeport are only 706 miles apart, and because of the route taken, you would just have to drive a little over 59mph, in an attempt to cover 474 miles on that first day. Let’s forecast that trip, shall we?


Expect things to be hot when we begin the day and throughout the drive through Ohio. There will be some respite from our drive through the Appalachians, where the weather will be cooler with a few clouds being kicked up by the elevation and associated moisture. We will end the day before coming out of the high country, spending the night in Buckhorn/Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. I don’t know the exact mailing address, and they are both at the same exit.

There is a cold front approaching the coast on Friday. Never fear, however, as we will beat it to Bridgeport, which means no hassles through New York City because of the weather, which is really all I can promise. Expect a hot sticky arrival in Bridgeport, with some rain on the way later.