Athens, Georgia to Longview, Washington

Well, it’s time to head home from Memorial Day weekend, and to do so, we will be taking a five day trip from northern Georgia to southwestern Washington. It’s such a long distance that we will be able to cover ground fairly quickly. We will be moving at a 66.5mph pace, and our 5 days will see us cover 531.7 miles a day. Lot’s of driving, but it will be worth it, I promise.


It will certainly FEEL like we are making good time on out first day of travel, as we will head through Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky and into southern Illinois and the first day’s destination, Goreville, Illinois. The remnants of Beryl and a strong system in the northern Plains will put the squeeze on this route through Memorial Day. There is going to be a bit of moisture in Athens, and the day will start cloudy, and our drive through western Tennessee will be increasingly sunny. By the time we hit Nashville, however, some scattered isolated thunderstorms will begin to crop up. Don’t expect the storms to persist too long, however, and we should be in an area of subsidence ahead of the front in southern Illinois. Enjoy the night in Goreville, becuase it’s going to get loud.

We will be in the sweet spot between the front that will roll through Monday night and a post frontal trough found in the Upper Midwest. It will be dry skies until we reach Nebraska City, Nebraska, on the Iowa border south of Omaha. Temperatures will be surprisingly cool, so drive with the windows down!

A ripple will move through the High Plains on Wednesday, and touch off some scattered showers and storms over a fairly wide swath of Nebraska. Expect a chance for an isolated shower or thunderstorms west of Lincoln. Heavier thunderstorms may be possible later in the afternoon between North Platte and Sidney, but should begin to taper off as we reach Wyoming. We will make it to Laramie for the end of the days’ travels.

A drive through Wyoming, northern Utah and part of Idaho will dazzle us only with it’s beauty. Expect sunny skies, pleasant temperatures and a lot of empty roadway between Laramie and Burley, Idaho, the destination for Thursday. It’s in south central Idaho, not quite to Twins Falls.

Driving through the Sun Valley and the Columbia River Gorge will be scenic and not challenging through the day on Friday…. right up until we reach Gresham on the east side of the Portland metro. After that, a front moving into the Pacific Northwest will start to bring us some rain and clouds. Drivers in Portland and areas to the west are certainly used to it, so don’t expect traffic to slow down on the way in to Longview.