Eugene, Oregon to Atlanta, Georgia

We are off on a lengthy road trip today, covering 5 days and parts of 11 states. It’s 2615 miles between the two cities, and we will cover 64.5 miles an hour. We will pace ourselves by only covering 516.2 miles a day. Let’s hit the road, shall we?


Sunday is going to be a scenic drive through the back country of Oregon and then parts of Idaho. The part of Idaho with people. The drive will be pretty pleasant, as the Pacific Northwest is under high pressure. We will make it all the way to King Hill, Idaho, which is about 20 minutes past Mountain Home.

There is a little disturbed area over the Front Range of Colorado, but it will sink south and away from our route. Expect awesome driving conditions through Idaho, northern Utah and the west half of Wyoming. We will end the day in Fort Steele, Wyoming, which is just a tremendous name for a place. I feel very safe there.

The biggest change on the drive Tuesday is that things are really going to flatten out. Yep, we’re in Nebraska now! The drive will be much easier as the flat land of Nebraska is conducive to straight roads, and probably speeds that are well above the average for this particular journey. We will get to Bradshaw, Nebraska, just outside of York, well ahead of time with no significant weather (except for some toasty temperatures) to deal with.

A weak little trough moving through Canada will send a surface boundary through Iowa and Illinois may affect the drive late in the day on Wednesday. Our day will end in Lebanon, Illinois, which is on the other side of the Mississippi from St. Louis. Our horizon may darken as we arrive in the St. Louis metro, but the chances are good that we arrive in Lebanon before the rain.

It’s a way out right now, but Thursday looks like it will be fairly quiet over the southeast. That narrow band of showers and storms will be triggered by solar radiation, and will exist over Kentucky and northern Tennessee. Translated: we will be south of the showers and storms by the time they ignites. Enjoy Atlanta, which will be rather toasty here in mid-May.