Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to Greenville, South Carolina

It’s actually further than I thought to get from Oklahoma City to Greenville. It will be a nearly complete 2 day drive and almost 1000 miles. The average rate of speed will be 63mph, slowed, perhaps, by treks through Memphis, Birmingham and Atlanta.


A combination of factors will influence the day on Sunday. First, a cold front moving through the Plains may set off some isolated morning storms over eastern Oklahoma, generally between OKC and the Arkansas border. There will be a prolonged period of dry weather as we move through Arkansas, but afternoon convection thanks to return flow off the Gulf may work it’s way as far north as Memphis. I think the heaviest of the wet weather won’t make it past Jackson, but the threat is still there, so, you know, I gotta mention it. The day will end not far outside of Memphis in Holly Springs, Mississippi.

It’s going to be another touch and go day, with scattered showers and storms pretty much anywhere you go. Well, everywhere you go between Holly Springs and Greenville. The heaviest rain looks like it will be in Alabama, east of Birmingham, but I wouldn’t put any stock into that. I would plan on the threat being someone lessened when we are east of Athens, Georgia, however. Still, bring an umbrella to upstate South Carolina.