Detroit, Michigan to Montgomery, Alabama

Another day, another road trip. This one is going to take us a day and a half. Not too bad. It’s a drive of 815 miles, and our pace will be 62.8mph, so the first day will be done after about 502.6 miles. This is going to be downright manageable.


An area of low pressure moving through the southeast is very weak, if you are only considering the depth of the low. It’s quite active if we begin talking about the shower activity associated with it, or the widespread thunderstorms it is kicking up. South from Detroit, we will not have any problems with the wet weather through Ohio. By the time we hit Kentucky, the northern end of the system will be drying out. There will be a chance for rain, yes, but it’s going to be wrapping up. As we get to the Tennessee border, however, a reinforcing dose of heavy rain will be on it’s way. Pack an umbrella, is what I’m saying. The day is going to end just across the Tennessee border, north of Nashville in Cross Plains.

The good news is, the system is really going to really pick up steam overnight tomorrow, meaning things are going to be pretty smooth as we drive through Tennessee and a good chunk of Alabama. The bad news? There is no bad news. Montgomery is a very nice town.