Burlington, North Carolina to Detroit, Michigan

I can honestly say, I am surprised. It only takes about 10 hours to get from North CArolina to Michigan. Not even close to what I was expecting. Well, a little close. Anyways, it’s only 667 miles between the two cities, which means our pace will be 61.6mph. We can knock this one out no problem, right?

If you saw the footage today, you know about the tornadoes that strafed the Dallas metro this afternoon. That system is going to kick up some nasty weather through the southeast tomorrow. It won’t be too bad along our route however, just some garden variety showers and storms, though they may have some fairly dense coverage. The storm action will be confined predominantly south of the Ohio River, so the mountains of Virginia and West Virginia could be home to storms and really heavy rain. It will clear out quite nicely north of Parkersburg, which will mean sunny to partly cloudy skies the rest of the way to Detroit.