Bismarck, North Dakota

Today we head off to Bismarck, North Dakota for our forecast. Not sure why I’m doing this forecast, because I think the only residents there are 11 buffalo, 2 prairie dogs, and a missile silo. All kidding aside, let’s see what’s going on in the center of one of our northern states!

At 852PM CST, the temperature in Bismarck, ND is 14 degrees under mostly cloudy skies. Winds are starting to settle down a bit now after the passage of a cold front that moved through earlier in the day. Some high clouds are found over the region associated with the front, but will continue to slide on down to the south and east as the night progresses. Sunny skies should emerge over ND tomorrow, but a frigid arctic airmass will descend into the Upper Midwest. Temperatures won’t rebound very much Friday afternoon, only creeping their way into double-digits. Tomorrow night into Saturday morning, clear skies and light winds will cause the temperature to drop pretty quickly, with temperatures nearing 10 below in some areas. Luckily for the region, there’s virtually no snow on the ground, which means temperatures will actually be 10-15 degrees warmer than what it would be if there was a healthy, fresh snowpack on the ground. Still, going to be a cold morning on Saturday for Bismarck, but it will warm up into the upper teens for the afternoon. With high pressure overhead, it will be dry both days, so at least they have that!

Friday: Sunny. High 10, Low -1.
Saturday: Continued sunny. High 19, Low-9.

TWC: Friday: Sunny. High 13, Low 0.
Saturday: Sunny. High 19, Low -8.

AW: Friday: Mostly sunny, much colder. High 12, Low -2.
Saturday: Sunny to partly cloudy. High 18, Low -9.

NWS: Friday: Sunny. High 11, Low -4.
Saturday: Sunny. High 19, Low -8.

WB: Friday: Sunny. High 14, Low 0.
Saturday: Sunny. High 19. Low -5.

Here we see the high clouds associated with the front passing through the Upper Midwest. That will descend southeastward tomorrow, leaving the Dakotas and MN high and dry (and cold).

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