Denver, Colorado

Off to Denver we go today. When one things of Colorado, they think of mountains, snowing, winter… typically not temperatures in the 60s in January.

At 953pm MST, the temperature at Denver, CO was 42 degrees under a few clouds. A ridge of high pressure will be shifting out of the Great Basin over the Central Rockies tomorrow, with some downsloping winds warming things up in the Denver area. To what degree, however, will be the big question. Forecast models are differing by about a dozen degrees, but either way it should be a pleasant day! Clouds will be increasing later in the day as a system currently pushing into the Pacific Northwest will barrel over the Northern Rockies and into the Northern/Central Plains for Friday. The mountains off to the west will see some snow from this system, and the greater Denver area could see a couple light snow showers Friday morning as the bulk of the energy passes off towards the north. Temperatures will barely recover during the afternoon as colder air continues to filter in, with low temps for the day bottoming out towards midnight. Looks like a roller coaster couple of days for the fine residents of Denver!

Thursday: Increasing clouds. High 56, Low 30.
Friday: A few scattered morning snow showers. High 37, Low 23.

TWC: Thursday: Mostly sunny. High 55, Low 31.
Friday: Morning snow showers. High 39, Low 29.

AW: Thursday: Partly sunny. High 51, Low 33.
Friday: Cooler with a bit of snow. High 42, Low 25.

NWS: Thursday: Mostly sunny. High 53, Low 28.
Friday: 30% chance of snow. High 39, Low 30.

WB: Thursday: Partly cloudy. High 52, Low 30.
Friday: 30% chance of morning snow. High 39, Low 31.

Here we see the system pushing into the Pacific Northwest, soon it’ll be heading towards the Central Rockies!

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