Prescott, Arizona

I always seem to get forecasts for west of the Continental Divide. Good thing I lived out that way, right?

At 753pm MST, the temperature in Prescott, Arizona was 40 degrees under partly cloudy skies. Earlier on Monday, a system moved through the Four Corners region, bringing higher elevation snows to portions of Utah and Colorado, and rain showers to lower areas in Arizona and New Mexico. Luckily, the system has moved on into the Central US and high pressure is building over the Desert Southwest. On Wednesday, another powerful system will bully its way into the Pacific Northwest bringing some possibly historic snowfall to the Seattle area. However, the high pressure will keep all of this activity well to the north of Arizona, so it will be another bright and sunny day for the fine residents of Prescott. Enjoy!

Tuesday: Sunny. High 49, Low 28.
Wednesday: Continued sunny. High 55, Low 25.

TWC: Tuesday: Sunny. High 48, Low 28.
Wednesday: Mostly sunny. High 53, Low 26.

AW: Tuesday: Plenty of sun, but chilly. High 50, Low 26.
Wednesday: Plenty of sun. High 55, Low 26.

NWS: Tuesday: Patchy fog, then sunny. High 50, Low 24.
Wednesday: Sunny. High 56, Low 25.

WB: Tuesday: Mostly sunny. High 50, Low 26.
Wednesday: Mostly sunny. High 54, Low 25.

Parts of northeast AZ just have some high clouds, while the bulk of the system from earlier is seen way in the upper right corner of the image as it shifts into the Plains. Not much else going on in the area otherwise!