Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Peoria, Illinois

Another one day trip! This one takes us west from Pittsburgh to Peoria through what will likely be a nasty concoction of wind and precipitation. It is a 569 mile drive, which will take us almost 9 and a half hours at a rate of 60.6mph. Turn those wipers on, and let’s go!

By the time we leave tomorrow morning, all precipitation in Pittsburgh will have made the change to snow, and temperatures will ne cold enough that it will be a fluffy, almost powdery snow. The rapid cool down across the region may be enough to make roads icy from western Pennsylvania through Ohio. They may have been able to get ahead of it in Indiana, since the cool down will happen during the day today, but snow will continue at a somewhat steady pace through Indiana, until we cross into the Land of Lincoln near Champaign. The snow should be fairly manageable, as it won’t be very wet, but howling winds will bring down visibility, and existing ice on roadways in Ohio could be a problem. By the time we reach Illinois, the winds will begin to taper, and the snow will mostly be at it’s end, but don’t be surprised if there are flurries all the way to Peoria.