Peoria, Illinois to Corvallis, Oregon

We are destined for a 4 day road trip, somehow beginning on Christmas and culminating in the middle of next week. It’s a 2138 mile journey that we will be able to cover at a pace of 67.7mph. Those long drives through Nebraska are fantastic. We will get 541 miles a day behind us, demonstrating how nice it is to drive through the Plains. Holiday travels ahoy!


So, let’s say you have to drive on Christmas. What would you like our of that drive? I would say good weather and little traffic. You’re in luck! Outside of Des Moines, the Quad Cities, Iowa City and Omaha, there isn’t much traffic! Ok, so there is a little bit of traffic. The weather won’t be a problem, however, and temperatures will get warmer as we go. The day, Christmas day, will end in Bradshaw, Nebraska, which is just past York.

Boxing Day will be a lot like Christmas Day as we drive west. Not a lot in terms of weather, and certainly a lot less in terms of people. The largest city we see will be Cheyenne, and the day will end up in Hadsell, Wyoming, which is near Rawlins. So far so good on this drive, right?

Early in the day on Tuesday, our fortunes will change. There is a chance for some snow as we cross the Bear River Divide in far western Wyoming. It will be about 45 minutes of snow as we try to make it to Utah. When we arrive in the Beehive State, we can then expect clearing (well, in terms of precipitation) through northern Utah and southern Idaho. The day ends in Mountain Home, Idaho, under some bleak looking skies.

Now, things are going to fall apart for us. Expect rain to pour down through western Idaho and eastern Oergon. We will drive our way into the rain shadow of the Cascades, which will mean dry weather and high clouds from Pendleton to the Dalles. Then the elevation, as well as the threat for more showers will go up. It’s probably going to be rainy in Corvallis when we get into town.