Montgomery, Alabama to Green Bay, Wisconsin

A little family travel to the shores of Lake Michigan, perhaps? The drive will be almost two full days, and really isn’t that challenging. I have done a Minneapolis-Montgomery drive before, and it was easy over two days. Of course the weather over this 955 mile trek may be a little dicey. We will average 61.3MPH, which means the goal on Tuesday is 490 miles


We will wake up in Montgomery to some clouds, with rain not far behind. The early morning will be drizzly, but should be dry soon after we bypass Birmingham. The clouds will break apart by the time we arrive in Huntsville, but don’t expect too long a respite. By the time we hit Nashville, and throughout the drive in Kentucky, the chance for thunderstorms will be with us. After we cross the Ohio River from Louisville into southern Indiana, the rain will be torrential and constant. We will end the day in Austin, Indiana, which is about half an hour into the state, north of Louisville.

Wednesday will be an adventure in mixing precipitation. It will remain rainy, though intermittently so for the rest of our drive in Indiana. The precipitation will begin to change to a rain/snow mix in Chicago, but the precipitation will nearly be at it’s end when we cross the state line into Milwaukee. They have barely seen a flake in that part of the world, so the drive north into Green Bay should go off without a hitch.