Where the wind and forecasts blow

Its been a pretty well established trend with the cold front moving through the center of the country. The ceilings behind the front have lingered for almost a full day after it’s passage. That was the case in Omaha, where temperatures refused to fall off at night, despite 45-50mph winds ushering in cold air. The temperatures remained buoyed, much warmer than those who called for a rapid cool down, allowing those (Weatherbug and the Weather Channel) who have incomplete hourly forecasts to somehow manage to secure top forecasts. Despite all the moisture bringing in the clouds, there was very little rain, only a few drops late on Turkey Day. Weatherbug snuck out with the top forecast, but they didn’t have much competition.
Thursday – .05 inches of rain, High 58, Low 42
Friday – High 51, Low 38

Grade: C