Omaha, Nebraska to Columbus, Indiana

Today we embark on a 654-mile trip through every state in the US that starts with an I that doesn’t touch another country! I know, that’s a bit of a stretch, but hey, going through 3 “I” states in one day is still impressive! I wonder if Sesame Street would like to sponsor today’s road trip… Oh well, off we go! Let’s try and get this done in one day, shall we?

As stated in our my forecast for Columbus, a cold front will be making its way through Illinois and Indiana throughout the day today, kicking up some rather heady winds in its’ wake. Luckily, the wind will be coming from the northwest as we travel east from Omaha to the Quad Cities, so that will help us along some. Also, outside of some light scattered showers on the backside of the system, it should be dry as we make our way into Illinois. Shortly after we pass the Quad Cities, however, we’ll finally catch up to the rain and it will slow us down a bit. While the rain could be briefly heavy at times, the total width of the rainfall shouldn’t be too terribly wide, and should only take us a couple hours to make it through the heaviest of the activity. As we emerge into Eastern Illinois by mid-afternoon, we should be out of the woods and while it will remain cloudy, it will at least be dry. Southwesterly winds will be found ahead of the front and be a good 20 degrees warmer than when we were in Iowa, so that will be slightly more pleasant. The rest of our jaunt past Indianapolis into Columbus will be rather uneventful.