Feature Forecast: Burlington, Vermont, Feature Forecaster: Steve Glazier

Steve Glazier was kind enough to provide us with a feature forecast today. His words are found below!

I am Steve Glazier, a meteorologist and reporter at WFFF-WVNY in Burlington, Vermont. I work at a Fox and ABC affiliate that covers the Adirondack Region of northern New York, all of Vermont, and northwestern New Hampshire. I have worked here for nearly a year and a half. Prior to that, I worked as a meteorologist and reporter at an ABC affiliate in Winchester, Virginia for two years. In 2008 I graduated from Lyndon State College with a BS in Meteorology-Broadcasting and AS in Television News. I am originally from Stafford, CT and am 25 years old.

Okay enough about me, let’s get to the weather. So this November has been ridiculously warm across Vermont and its adjacent neighboring states. In the first half of the month, our temperatures have been about 6 degrees above average for highs, and about +3 F at night. Today is an exception, we’re struggling to get to 40F on a cool, breezy, fall-like day. However that’s going to change once again.

High pressure will be building in from our southwest this weekend. It will keep us dry through Sunday and warm air advection will begin on Saturday. Here in VT, the warm, lighter air takes a while to mix to the surface because of the very hilly terrain. So temperatures won’t jump immediately, but will get into the upper 40s Saturday with a partly cloudy sky. In Vermont’s higher terrain, highs will likely be 40-45. Winds will increase this weekend with a tightening pressure gradient. Burlington is located in the Champlain Valley, a south-north oriented valley. In these scenarios, the wind typically gusts and is sustained higher than sheltered mountainous areas east of the city. So wind gusts could reach to 30 or 35 mph this weekend.

The windy conditions will keep our temperatures warmer than usual at night, keeping the air mixed. Warm air advection pushes into Sunday with highs jumping to the mid 50s. There will be an advancing and digging trough of low pressure. This will pass by, but with limited moisture in our region so slight chance of rain showers is possible. I’ve attached an 850 mb temp and wind map because that’s the most relevant feature for us this weekend.

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Thanks again to Steve Glazier!