Combo verification!

Because I am a delinquent, I didn’t remember to do a verification for Reading, so I am lumping that in with the Fort Walton Beach verification. Could you think of two more similar towns? Both tended towards the quiet. Reading allowed for some solid end of week forecasting, and the Weather Service took full advantage of that allowance, picking up the top forecast there.
Actuals: Thursday, High 61, Low 33
Friday, High 54, Low 39

Grade: A

In Fort Walton Beach, the forecasting was a little bit less successful. The gusty northerly winds tapered off, but the wind and clear skies were both products of air from the north. That meant chilly nights. Both Friday and Saturday saw morning lows of 42, which didn’t bode well for anyone’s forecast. The chilly day Friday, that didn’t get warmer than 62 didn’t help either. Accuweather somehow had the best numbers in the Florida Panhandle
Actuals: Friday, High 62, Low 42
Saturday – High 70, Low 42

Grade: B