Altoona, Pennsylvania to Blacksburg, Virginia

Such a short trip, only 5 and a half hours and 327 miles between the two loci on this trip. Somehow, it’s a 4 state journey. It’s a 58.2 mile an hour pace, but might be slower given the weather we are expecting. Let’s pack up and head south.

It’s going to be drizzly and fairly depressing as we start to head south from Altoona. We should be expecting some rain to be falling everywhere north of the Winchester area, where we will then be south of the Appalachians. After that, we should be making our drive on dry roads, though some high overcast will be possible the rest of the way from Winchester to Blacksburg, which is annoying. Maybe a spit of rain out those clouds, but not enough to seriously alter our plans. That time in Pennsylvania will be a nuisance though, that hasn’t changed.