Columbus, Georgia to Redding, California

This is going to be a lengthy trip, 5 days from beginning to end. It’s a legitimate 5 days too, as the travel mileage is going to be 2636.5 miles. That puts us at 71.09mph (holy crap!). This then eventually will give us a whopping 568 miles a day. That’s a lot of distance to cover, so let’s get moving!


A cold front is moving into the southern US, and will actually be through Columbus by the time we hit the road tomorrow. The cool northwesterly flow will scrub the atmosphere of any unpleasant elements. We will drive in wonderful weather all the way to Atkins, Arkansas, which is west of Conway, but not quite to Russellville.

Our trip west will continue to be in wonderful weather. Oklahoma will be cool and calm as we pass into Texas. There really is no significant activity, but things will begin to heat back up in the Texas Panhandle, and the drive will end in the town of Vega.

The drive through the rest of the Plains will be just as dull as the first two days. Activity will pick off when we hit the mountains near Gallup. There will be a chance for some showers and storms through the rest of the day in Arizona. Not much, but a monsoon compared to what we will have seen to this point. We will end the day in Flagstaff.

Our pattern of quiet weather will return on Monday, which will be nice, because population will increase as we take I-5 north through the Central Valley. Our day will end in Coalinga, in central California. One long day left!

A front, one of the continuous waves off the Pacific, will push some moisture into far northern California. Most of the day will be dry and sunny, but we will begin to see clouds, fog and some drizzle even after we get north of Willows. It won’t be the best of days when we arrive in Redding, but it won’t be too bad.