Eau Claire, Wisconsin to Ocala, Florida

With the cool air coming into Wisconsin this week, it may seem like it’s time for a trip to Florida. I say it is. The trip will take just short of three days and cover 1401 miles. This puts us at a pace of 63.2 mph, or 505.8 miles a day. We have some driving to do, so let’s pack our bags!


An area of low pressure parked over the Great Lakes is just that: parked. We will move more on Friday than it will. We are underneath the upper level trough for the entire drive, which means cool weather and clouds, with an outside chance at some showers within those clouds. It won’t be a terribly difficult drive, but all the clouds will make it pretty depressing.

That trough is just going to keep digging as we keep driving south. The scattered showers won’t follow us much further south than Nashville, but some clouds and unseasonably cool weather will make their way to Acworth, Georgia, which is a suburb on the north side of Atlanta. We’re still looking for that vacation weather!

The skies may actually clear out for most of the trip through Georgia, but that same pesky low is going to continue to do an excellent job of directing flow and ruining vacations. The southwesterly flow will bring about the chances for some scattered showers and storms as we clamber through the rest of the trip. Still, temperatures wil be in the upper 80s between thunderstorms, so it is a marked improvement from whence we came.